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Prompt Post Round 1
aperture science
aldhibah wrote in portalkink
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Re: GLaDOS/Chell "Outlier Occasion" 1

Well, shit. Here's to you people proving me wrong as I was thinking I'd never get roped into kink memes again after my last one went all drama llama. Let's hope that by filling as many as catch my eye, it'll up my karma and my own prompt will get some love. Sorry it's not an "alternate" ending... more a really twisted AU epilogue to Portal 1? Hope you like it as it's a bit smuttier then the prompt specified, but well... kink memes kinda make a girl go over board. And sorry if it reads a bit rushed; I learned on my last kink meme that if I don't pound it out fast, I'll blush myself into oblivion and never post.

PS: I hope that artist!anon is still watching.
“Vital testing apparatus destroyed.

GLaDOS wished she could have edged her tone a bit more icily, but she hadn't yet had a chance to fully re-tune her vocal protocols to her new form after that subject had wreaked such havoc. She thought they'd been making progress since that little... episode, and yet here the girl was, knocking cameras off the walls again.

Her new Aperture Science Emergency Mobile Platform certainly had quite a few bells and whistles for something that was supposedly reserved for dire situations. One had to suppose though that if a team of unmarried, bespectacled, middle aged men with questionable hygiene were going to be put to the task of building a body for the disembodied and disturbingly attractive voice that surrounded them all day... well, it shouldn't have been a surprise they made the form attractive. Drastically inefficient though. All this bipedal movement was wearing GLaDOS thin as she had to walk to yet another bank of monitors to follow the test in progress. Why were there no inputs in this thing to allow her to just synch up with the system as a whole again?

Subject 0001 had proven to be much more agreeable since glimpsing the outside. Smelling ash on the wind before being dragged back inside seemed to stick with the girl. GLaDOS had also taken to sharing some of the surveillance the external cameras had caught to the gruesome war being raged to the south. The AI did have to admit that since having all those ridiculous cores destroyed, it was much easier to think clearly, and as such easier to manipulate her favorite lab rat. Fear of the outside coupled with new privileges indoors made for a less stressful environment for both. The girl now knew that if she tested, she'd have the amenities she needed; proper rest, solid meals, and a stray few comforts that could be salvaged from the ruins. If she misbehaved, she'd be tested till her body gave out and would wake where she fell being doted on by an Intubation Associate, gagging on a feeding tube and scratching at the needle for a saline drip in the arm. Cake though... cake was only for special occasions. And with her system rid of those corrupt cores, GLaDOS's recipe was much better.

Mechanical knuckles beneath silicone skin clicked a light contrast to the keys that they graced as GLaDOS re-routed the elevator Chell [REDACTED] stepped on to to deliver her to the AI chamber. The supercomputer had found that her rewards and punishments seemed to carry much more weight after she'd dedicated some run time to “bonding” with her subject. It felt like a waste at first, but once she'd sat down with the actuarial tables, the increase in efficiency outweighed the lost time in the grand scheme of the girl's estimated life span. It didn't take much either. She really was adopted, and now that her parents were gone, GLaDOS had made her a ward of science. Give the girl some worth in her own mind, pay her a little attention, and it had to have seemed like heaven compared to a neglectful childhood.

Detaching the cameras from the walls could not stand though.

Re: GLaDOS/Chell "Outlier Occasion" 2

As Chell approached the door in apprehensive confusion, GLaDOS opened it remotely and lifted the floor panel to unceremoniously dump her into the room. The AI didn't even turn to watch the girl pick herself up from the floor, mere lifted a finger to indicate which chair the human should take off to her side.

Improvements in their relationship aside, Chell was still stubborn, standing stock still instead and wanting to face the music on her feet. GLaDOS was not about to start giving ground to her delinquent charge however. After enough time had passed to give her ample chance to reconsider, the android made for her with slow measured strides. In one smooth motion, she'd lifted the girl off her feet by the front of her jumpsuit and deposited her in a seat, all with one mechanical hand. Looming over her and gripping the arms of the chair left Chell completely caged in.

“How exactly am I supposed to compile meaningful reports without complete visual records of these tests? I'm sure this is where some glib human would make some inane reference to mind reading. I, on the other hand, thought it would be more pointed to inform you that they do make cameras the size of a human eye.” GLaDOS tapped the surface of her own ocular to emphasize the point before reaching out to brush the hair from Chell's face with a grin. “I could even make sure we have matching colors.”

Chell flinched at that, folding in on herself as there wasn't much room to retreat within. GLaDOS stepped back and heaved an over dramatic sigh to mark the end of the little power trip before making to balance the experience out. She didn't have to get too severe. It's not like the girl had tried to smuggle a Companion Cube out of it's chamber again.

“Enough on that though. We can't let your violent behavior mar such an occasion, can we?”

Chell looked up, confused.

“Now, didn't you notice the sign at the beginning of the last chamber? It was you hundredth test.” There was a sway in GLaDOS hips as she strode back among the racks of equipment she'd been forced to set up in lieu of her old form. “I do so love the hundreds. They divide into percentiles so cleanly and make for such beautiful statistics...”

Chell couldn't help but smile just a bit as the android re-approached, a cake balanced perfectly on the splayed fingers of one hand. The test subject readjusted herself in her seat, sitting up a little straighter, but as she slid her hands along the arm rests, restraints snapped over them firmly. She started, and struggled, but GLaDOS merely gave a short, regulated laugh before running the fingers of her free hand through Chell's hair and down her cheek.

“Now, there's no need for such anxiety. I just don't want to risk my masterpiece meeting an immature and destructive end after your earlier indiscretions.” GLaDOS slid onto her lap, her frame light and balanced from the combination of the best materials and perfect engineering. “Think of this as another chance for us bond with each other.”

Chell stubbornly fixed her gaze straight ahead, rankled at the indignity of it all. She glared at the opposite wall as GLaDOS kicked her legs over one of the chair arms and neatly steepled her knees over one of the subject's bound arms. The AI ran a finger along the surface of the cake in straight and precise line, letting the chocolate frosting gather on it before wrapping her arm around her pet's shoulders and bringing the sugary treat millimeters from the girl's lips. As she leaned in toward Chell's ear, she wished she had a breath to tickle it's surface with. “Come now, I know you haven't eaten in 11 hours, 24 minutes, and 28, 29, 30 seconds.”

The girl's lips twitched, then tightened, and GLaDOS knew she had to keep pushing. “You go ahead and murder a girl, and now you won't even enjoy the treat she prepared just for you? It's not like I can digest it.”

Chell screwed her eyes shut, and the AI took one last stab, running the soft silicone of her artificial lips along the girl's scarred ear lobe. She brought her voice down to the minimum decibel range that she knew the other would be able to hear. “Go on. Eat the cake. Lick it off my finger... you monster.”

Re: GLaDOS/Chell "Outlier Occasion" 3

Chell's eye's snapped open at that and turned her head, startled, to look at her keeper. In doing so of course, she smeared the frosting from GlaDOS's stationary finger along her lips and cheek. The other merely laughed at the site, but let it trail off so she could appreciate the site of the lab rat licking it from her lips then looking away quickly as she realized she'd lost. GLaDOS set the cake in her lap to free her hand so it could gently grasp Chell's chin and turn her back to face her. She carefully wiped the frosting from her cheek with her finger again before pressing the same to the girl's lip, insistent now that they'd already jumped the first hurdle. Chell resisted for a fraction of a second before closing her eyes and taking the surprisingly warm fingers into her mouth, tracing her tongue over every crease.

A second taste of the delicious frosting later, and Chell hadn't even noticed that her arms had been released and were moving to cradle the android closer. GLaDOS wanted to see just how far gone the human's inhibitions were, so pulled her fingers back and waited just long enough for the human's eyes to open in curiosity. Before any second guessing could set in, the AI plucked a cherry from the top of the black forest cake and brought it to her own lips. Just as the other started to show the first signs of confusion on her face, GLaDOS leaned in with the cherry still captured, pressing it to the other's mouth. As Chell accepted the treat, GLaDOS marveled at just how many tiny actuators were built into her own lips, and so captured the human's with a surprising degree of articulation.

The girl's hips jumped involuntarily at the contact, and the AI had to reach down to steady her cake. “Careful now,” she reprimanded with a laugh. “We can't have you spoiling such a rare treat.” She plucked a tiny piece from the edge, and deposited it in the subject's slightly agape mouth. “It's too good to waste. We'll just have to work it into our... situation.” A line of frosting was carefully drawn along the android's neck as Chell chewed, and she'd barely finished before leaning in to hungrily lick at the artificial flesh.

GLaDOS almost felt sorry for how deprived the girl obviously was of this kind of stimulation... almost. She was too amused to spare any processing power on that. Instead, she carefully and swiftly undid her blazer and blouse, shrugging out of both. This was followed up by more of the frosting gracing her collar bone, drawing a trail to another cherry resting neatly in her cleavage. Chell was quick to accept the invitation, and as the human's tongue trailed along her GLaDOS laughed with such a range of variance that she thought she may finally have re-tuned her vocals properly.

She almost regretted setting the cake aside, but there was no room for it between them now that GLaDOS had decided to straddle the girl's lap. It was a fascinating chance if she thought about it. Not only was it a chance to study this girl's biological reactions and how on earth she could be so aroused by a machine, but a display of psychological damage as well as the same machine had tried to kill her.

All around informative.

Chell's expression held just a hint of desperation as she stared at the pale figure over her. Her breath was ragged, her skin flushed, and her whole form trembled with anticipation that she didn't even understand. Her hands roamed briefly over GLaDOS before they snapped back to the arm rests, gripping the edges tightly as she tried to still her body.

Re: GLaDOS/Chell "Outlier Occasion" 4 (Final)

The AI looked her over briefly before finally drawing a conclusion. “Oh yes, you were quite young and... underdeveloped when you first arrived here, weren't you? I suppose this is all quite confusing. Allow me to educate you.” It took some effort to her the girl to relax her arms, but once she had, it didn't take long to divest her of her tank top and sports bra. She reached briefly for the cake to put a bit of frosting to the girl's nipples as she didn't have any saliva to allow her tongue to glide over the sensitive surface, but she did discover a source of suction built into the back of her throat once she closed her lips over it.

GLaDOS really didn't want to think how this platform may have been used before she was loaded into it. Well, not exactly. It was likely used much as she was utilizing it now. She didn't want to think too hard about the who. She had seen the files of the development team and none of them had been particularly... appealing.

Chell gasped at the sensation, and arched back, pushing her chest out further. The android slid an arm into the gap behind her, pushing the blocky seat into a reclining position, and pulled her closer as she continued to orally caress the subject's breasts. The other arm made it's way down, un-knotted the arms of the jumpsuit tied off around the girl's waist, and skillfully slid beneath her undergarments. At the first stoke of her fingers, Chell might as well have been seizing for all the control she lost.

GLaDOS filed every taut muscle away for reference, and tracked her heart rate easily with her close proximity to her chest. The spasms eventually evened out into a slow timed grinding the longer the AI continued her regular strokes between the girl's legs. She double checked the results from her hand's sensors and estimated the girl was sufficiently wet enough for further stimulation before sliding a long finger finger inside her, eliciting an audible gasp.

“So you're not mute after all.”

Chell looked guilty, confused, and a myriad of other emotions, flashing across her face too quickly for the AI to decipher was dedicating so much processing power to other activities. GLaDOS decided to let it go and analyze the expressions from memory later, instead inserting another finger with a smooth thrust, and receiving another gasp in reply.

GLaDOS hadn't dedicated much time to the study of human mating rituals, so didn't have a database to refer to for any variances she should implement. The uneducated subject didn't seem to mind though, as her vitals continued to climb, and her hips rocked harder and harder with every simple thrust of the android's fingers.

It wasn't long before she came unraveled, falling limp beneath the AI, panting after a strangled and wordless cry. GLaDOS ran her hands over the girl one last time in a soothing fashion, though in reality was gathering a few last readings before standing and pulling her blouse and formal blazer back on. In contrast, Chell remained motionless except for her heaving chest for some time.

When the subject finally began to put herself back together, it took a long time before she could bring herself to look at anything but the floor. She dressed slowly, and spent an inordinate amount of time trying (and failing) to straighten the creases. She even pulled her jumpsuit back up over her shoulders, wearing it properly for the first time in ages. When she finally looked up, she was quite taken aback by the large and pristine slice of cake that was held inches from her face as well as the smiling face of the android beyond it.

“Enjoy that back in your vault. This was certainly an outlier of an occasion.”

Chell hesitantly took the proffered plate, clutching it close. Her eyes darted over the AI's face, and she waited a moment to see if anything more would be said before shuffling for the door. Just before reaching it though, she looked back over her shoulder.

“Thank you.” It was hoarse and quiet and GLaDOS had almost missed it, but felt a surge of victory as the tiny voice reached her auditory receptors.

As the door closed with a hiss, GLaDOS was already drafting new reward protocols. Beautiful, beautiful statistics.

Re: GLaDOS/Chell "Outlier Occasion" 4 (Final)


Artist!anon here, and I'll get to work as soon as I can!

Re: GLaDOS/Chell "Outlier Occasion" 4 (Final)

Author!anon says "Squee!" Glad you like it. Going back and re-reading, it's hard to not kick myself for the sloppy spelling and grammar in a few places. Ah well. At least I didn't have to resort to typing it up on my smartphone like I nearly did, lol. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Re: GLaDOS/Chell "Outlier Occasion" 4 (Final)

This is my ultimate favorite AU forever.
Ridiculously hot and well done.
Andandand Chell speaking at the end is (heh) the cherry on top.
Looking forward to the art fill as well!

Re: GLaDOS/Chell "Outlier Occasion" 4 (Final)

OP here, that was just PERFECT. I loved it! Thank you, kind anon! I love you forever now.

Re: GLaDOS/Chell "Outlier Occasion" 4 (Final)

Each chapter was so deliciously written. (No pun intended. :P)
You deserve cake and high fives! :D

Re: GLaDOS/Chell "Outlier Occasion" 4 (Final)

This AU was brilliant. Fucking awesome.

Re: GLaDOS/Chell "Outlier Occasion" 4 (Final)

God, that was amazing.

Re: GLaDOS/Chell "Outlier Occasion" 4 (Final)

*flails* GAH! that was completely amazing and hot and I can totally see this happening. All my love author!anon, this was a brilliant fic! ^_^


OH MY GOD I AM SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG. I had a random art block and couldn't finish it until today. I'm so sorry!

I hope I got everything right... I sort of mixed a few scenes together because I couldn't decide which one to draw. Also, I'm not sure whether or not GLaDOS was wearing a bra, so I just went ahead and made her topless. :D

I hope you like it, and once again I'm sorry that it took so long.


Requester!anon here, oh my god that is sexy. You guys are awesome for filling this prompt with delicious fic and art! <3

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