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Prompt Post Round 1
aperture science
aldhibah wrote in portalkink
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2011-05-01 06:55 pm (UTC)

first bit; kinda AU after game.
more will be coming if OP!anon likes?


The test re-enforcement programming—both positive and negative--never quite filters out after Wheatley's removal from the GlaDOS chassis. It is embedded in his code now, and try as he might to delete it, all he ever gets for his trouble are an error message informing him that he doesn't have the proper authorization and a vicious shock that feels him feeling dizzy and numb for hours; sometimes, if he presses the issue, he is forced into a cold reboot. It is one of the more frustrating things, because every once in a while, no matter how he tries to block or ignore it, the Itch comes back, and he feels like he's going insane. It fizzles out after a day or two, only because he simply can't generate the energy to sustain the program directives for testing, but for anywhere from twenty-four to seventy-two hours, Wheatley is stark raving mad with the need to try.

Chell catches on quick.

Wheatley didn't understand why she had saved him. Actually, there was a lot he didn't understand, a lot in the world that didn't make any kind of sense to him. Science, space, humanity's tendency to leak all over the place, the list went on and on. For a human, for anything really, Chell was fantastic. More than fantastic, she was positively brilliant. The interest she understood what was happening, she collected all sorts of things for them.

Blocks, graph paper, pens and pencils. Mostly it's just office supplies, but it works and that's all that matters.

Whenever the urges hits now, he creates rudimentary tests. They are not the most challenging things, nor are they even remotely on par with the level of technology Aperture Laboratories had at its disposal, but when she sits him in her lap and solves them with all of her stubborn intuition and intelligence, the charge fed to him is good enough, and then the testing programming just shuts off for a week or so. Everyone is satisfied.

Well, mostly.

He is running out of ideas, and the uncompleted sudoku and crossword books they scourged up are only carrying him so far—the test programming is a picky sort, and quickly recognizes patterns; drives him right up the wall, that does. He is driving his servers to the brink trying to come up with ways to make the test designs more complex, more difficult, because he is required to raise the level of difficulty, but it's so hard.

One day he literally goes into a screaming fit and tries with more fervor than ever to rid himself of that blasted itch, overriding every function and nearly ripping out all of his core programming to get at it. The feedback shock is the worst yet, and the first time Chell actually ever sees what the Itch does to him when he tries to stifle or remove it. He comes back online nearly four days later, cradled close to her chest, and still achingly numb after the surcharge.

She doesn't let him go until he can speak and function properly again (which takes another half-a-day), and he is so grateful that he can't find the words.

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2011-05-01 07:43 pm (UTC)

That was tremendously sweet. And ohh gosh Chell solving crosswords to help poor Wheatley asfljasfaljfa /melted.

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2011-05-01 08:45 pm (UTC)

Not OP, but I would love to see more please!

Also not op, but ohhhh my goodness. This is really sweet and well-written (I love the little bits of Wheatley's voice in the narrative) and just. /INCOHERENT FLAILING

More would be lovely, but it stands nicely on its own as well.

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2011-05-02 03:04 am (UTC)

Not OP, but I would also very much like to see more! Very well-written and sweet. There's also some interesting fan-speculation about the workings of the in-game technology, which I find very interesting and love to read!

If you let this stand, it's still brilliant, but I eagerly join the rest in asking for more! :]

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2011-05-02 04:34 am (UTC)

Oh, this is absolutely adorable. I love every bit of it. I'd love for you to continue!

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2011-05-02 05:53 am (UTC)

Ha, so cute! Keep going.

OP here. More please!

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2011-05-03 06:04 pm (UTC)

The incident does lead to an uncomfortable conversation though.

Under Chell's hard looks and refusal to let him brush off the fact that he just spent almost a week in involuntary hibernation, he is forced to explain not only what happened but all of the embarrassing exacts of it. His inability to meet the programming requirements is probably the hardest to convey, because it's a primary directive now, and what else is he even designed for?! It's a wave of self-pity that he is more than a little ashamed of, but Chell simply regards him with a heavy amount of sympathy and holds him close.

And via her own strange brand of sign language, suggests that maybe all he needs is for a human to remove the programming.

To which he replies, yes, but all of the engineers who built him are not exactly around anymore.

Chell rolls her eyes and points at herself.

“You don't have the qualifications!”

Its the first thing Wheatley blurts out, and oh, he is a moron sometimes. Chell just raises an eyebrow at him, and he babbles out a retraction of that statement (because really, look who he's talking to), and explains he has no idea how to walk her through a process like this. She only shrugs and repositions him on her lap, waving a hand at their little temporary den of a home, and he knows she is telling him that they can't go on like this forever. Sooner or later, they have to do something, and Chell is a bullheaded sort of person. Qualifications or not, she has managed to get a lot done. He can't argue with that.

“Okay. I...we can try.”

She nods, with an expression so completely assured that he feels cowardly in its wake.

Rather than give in though, he instead runs her through the basic list of what she's going to need. It's a dismally short list, but it does take her a while to find tools small enough to match what he asks for. He takes the moment to gather his wits together and boot up everything in his memory files about the testing program until it actually triggers the code to assert itself.

The Itch is weak, but that only makes it easier to ignore. He focuses in on shifting through the hidden files, drawing up the un-installation procedure with no little amount of dread.

Wheatley is not looking forward to this.

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2011-05-03 06:05 pm (UTC)

Before he can bottle out, Chell returns with a eyeglass screwdriver, and he can't honestly tell her that it won't work. She smiles at her success, and busies herself with spreading out they're only blanket on the floor, and setting up the short line of instruments where Wheatley can see, then sits, places him comfortably on her legs (facing away, because the only way to access his inner workings is, of course, where he can't watch) and waits quite patiently for instructions.

“There's going to be a password.” He begins, suddenly very nervous now that he can't see her or what she's doing. His insides are sensitive and he's understandably worried that something will go wrong. For all the sheer insanity that went on in the laboratories, the tech was sophisticated and not just anybody could fix it. Wheatley cannot do this on his own however, and if he has to depend on someone to help, Chell is his first—and only—choice.

He trusts her with his life.

The pressure sensors on his outer casing fire up, and after the initial moment of surprise, he is calmed by the rhythmic trailing of her knuckles along his side.

“Okay.” He can do this. They can do this. “There's a little keypad on the inner lining. Case flips right up, just tap it. Yeah, like that. You see a little black screen? Lots of buttons, yeah?” An affirmation pat that also manages to be very comforting. “Good, good. You'll need the screwdriver to get at the wires on the inside of the hollow bit—“

He walks her through it slowly, as carefully as he can, and has to be very careful to not look at the pieces of himself that are slowly beginning to liter the blanket's surface. There is a constant stream of messages informing him that he should be offline if he is going to have someone fiddling around inside of him. Naturally, they go ignored.

“Alright, now I need you to disconnect that little red wire—don't pull it don'tpullit!”

Chell does not jump so much as jerk back, and he lets out a recorded sigh.

“Use the pliers to remove the port first.” He doesn't add on all of the very bad things that could have happened then, the best of which being a complete system wipe. Now is not the time for guilt-tripping, and they've come so far already that he doesn't want to risk Chell realizing how how fragile this process is and refuse to keep going. Wheatley wants this done.

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2011-05-03 10:58 pm (UTC)

Ooh you continued. Awesome.

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2011-05-04 01:15 am (UTC)

Now I'm concerned. Can't wait for more!

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2011-05-04 03:31 am (UTC)

He feels the port being removed as slowly and carefully as Chell's inexperienced maneuvering can achieve, and waits for her to place it just to his left before allowing her to physically detach the wire. It has to be unscrewed at the base, due to being welded to an odd little screw cap that someone in the engineering crew though would be a good idea, but he is more than a little relieved when the telltale clink signals that step is complete.

He initiates the process.

Immediately, he is hit with the error message, and the wire sparks.

Chell does jump this time.

“Sorry!” He yelps when the room angle leaps and she has to scramble to catch him. “Sorry! Should have warned you about that!” There is a very silent, but no less obvious, feeling of annoyance radiating from Wheatley's companion. He plods onward, chiding himself internally for not better preparing her for that little surprise, but to be honest, he hadn't been sure it would work.

Chell taps him.

“Right, right.” Wheatley shifts his gaze to stare straight ahead and closes his shutters in concentration, locking into the inner world of coding and programs that makes up his head. He understands it in the same way a new reader understands words; the base knowledge is there, but it's such a complicated language that trying to interpret all the little implications of each bit is too difficult for one read through.

“I've tried hacking the password,” He begins, and he can almost hear the roll of her eyes this time. “Doesn't work so well. So you're going to have to just start typing. Anything you can think of. Six letters. I'm going to try to force the system to accept—aah. starting now?”

He feels the very odd sensation of a human finger pressing something more or less inside of him, and finds the experience to be very distracting.

A little...nice.

Right. Hacking. Focus.

Then she hits the six digit—or letter, he can't tell since the program is heavily encrypted—and the world goes to hell.

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2011-05-04 06:13 am (UTC)

Ohh, you continued! Yes please! I liked your description of Wheatley attempting to guide Chell through such a complicated and dangerous (and not just for him!) process. Heh. Just as amusing as I thought it'd be.

But shame on you for leaving at such a suspenseful part. >:[

I'll forgive you if you write more.

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2011-05-05 03:43 pm (UTC)

What! I missed this update. I'm still really enjoying your writing style, so please, please do continue! I'm in suspense: Is-is it sexy hell, or he's-dead-now hell?

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2011-05-06 10:41 am (UTC)

I'd been overlooking this. Please continue!

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2011-05-07 07:54 am (UTC)

Oh, this is fantastic in so many ways! Sweet with a bit of tension and I'm really looking forward to where it goes.

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2011-05-08 08:36 pm (UTC)

You. this. I didn't even know I had a kink for however you would describe this, until now.

I need this like I need air to breathe. ♥

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2011-05-09 09:16 am (UTC)

I'm tracking this. Why aren't you updating so I can see it in my inbox so the world feels happy and glowy?

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2011-05-09 09:33 am (UTC)

It's not painful.

Not exactly.

It's not pleasurable either. The other way he can describe it is by calling it something in-between, tinged with a sense of invasion that he can't ignore. The feeling is a neon-sign, screaming that there are fingers in him, and they are doing something. He is fairly certain that he's not supposed to be aware of this, but it's somewhat difficult to stop now. The only option is to muscle past it and—



Her second attempt brings about a thrumming sensation, teeters him on the edge of definable perception. Wheatley's casing shudders involuntarily.

The protocols.

It's the only explanation he can come up with. He'd thought cutting off the connection to his pain receptors would bypass that, but apparently... oh, that is marvelously distracting...apparently...

Something is crossed. Or being transferred, or wrong, but the stimuli is so confusing that Wheatley is honestly unsure as to whether or not he cares. Try as he might to bungle his way to the source, he can't concentrate on both tasks at once; so he immediately regulates his work over to subsidiary-automatic regulators, and focuses in on the strangely bittersweet input. It seems to be responding at the same time a punishment charge should—every time Chell enters an incorrect code—but with the pain receivers disconnected, the easy explanation is that somehow the programming is attempted to communicate the proper response through the remaining rewards channels.

That or something is very wrong with him, but Wheatley doesn't much like that possibility..

Chell shifts under him, jostling but for the most part a steady presence, and makes a mild huff of noise that he can't be bothered to interpret. Not until he feels her fingers scoop inside of him and tug.

“Oh bloody hell!” He doesn't snarl the words, but it is close. What she has just done spikes all through his frame, sending very response system screaming and locking up all of the more fragile inner parts to save them from being damaged in the event he should fall or they be yanked apart. It feels literally like he is coming apart at the seams, and it should hurt, but instead he gets another burst of that seesawing sensation.

Chell scrambles to right him, and remove her hands, but it doesn't stop the fine tremors going all through the sphere as he tries to switch off the safety measures before the system tries a more critical method of disassuading mistreatment of Aperture technology. The human woman's wordless apology hangs in the air until he looks back up at her and pulls his shutters into the closest semblance he can make for a smiling eye. She relaxes only a fraction of a degree, completely unconvinced that she has done nothing wrong.

“S'alright, love. Startled me is all.” He assures her, moving his outer panels carefully around his optic frame, to show that there was no harm done. “Right as rain.”

Chell only frowns.

“Oh, c'mon. Tell you what, we're even now.” Wheatley offers. The dark-haired female thinks over the statement, obviously mulling it about. The personality core cannot resist continuing to hold their one-sided conversation. “I am still sorry about that, by the way. But looks like everything's in order! We can try again whenever you're ready!”

He sounds more chipper than he feels.

A part of him is already hungry for new data on this strange phenomenon going on inside of him. The rest of him is suddenly frightened by the prospect of reestablishing his barely left-behind addiction to the test protocols. It made him betray Chell once, and he is too terrified to chance that again. He doesn't have the means to kill her, but he can be damn resourceful when he wants to be; a capability for ruthlessness is ingrained deeply within him somewhere, brought out by selfish motivations. He does not want Chell to ever see that side of him again.

Wheatley assures himself he can work through it. Even if it does present a problem, this will only happen once, with any luck. He should be fine.

Chell presses a tentative finger to the keypad, brushing a circuit board as she goes.

He can not hold back the quiet moan.

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2011-05-09 09:39 am (UTC)

Oh, YEEEEEESSSSSS. I do love a fic that lets Wheatley feel pleasure as his eyeball-form. And Chell doesn't even know what she's making him feel! she does, anyway. I can't WAIT to see what she does next.

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2011-05-09 09:10 pm (UTC)

Dear god, YES.

YES you posted an update! I'm so glad I kept checking this thread!

This is still WONDERFUL. Mechanical porn is my favorite, and you are doing such a great job with it! I agree with the anons who like seeing sphere-Wheatley in porn. I also love fanon, so I REALLY love your realistic look at the consequences of his integration with GLaDOS's system, and the process of trying to fix what was done to him, seamlessly leading to


so yes. Still love this. :] Can't wait for the next part!

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2011-05-10 05:41 am (UTC)

Oooh interesting. Looking forward to more.

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2011-05-11 07:44 pm (UTC)

WONDERFUL work. Can't wait for more!! :)

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