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Fill Post Round 2
aperture science
aldhibah wrote in portalkink
When you complete a round 2 fill, please make a comment linking to it here, and put the pairing in the title.

Not entirely sure this should go here or if it belongs in round 1, so feel free to remove it as needed kindly mods. This is pretty much a sequel to another fill that is of indeterminate length.

Chell/human Wheately, AU endgame

Original fill: Until the End

On-going fill: Along the Road

Re: Chell/human Wheatley

Handsome Stork sure is handsome.

Also, though this song could fit for a lot of these fills, I feel it fits the mood and theme of your story particularly well: Be Human by Scott Matthew

Your story continues to give me diabetes.


Rick wants to hit Space Core... But Space Core just wants to hit on Rick. Poor, poor Rick.

Companion Cube + Rattmann - Psychic Abilities

"When GLaDOS was activated, Aperture was working on another project simultaneously, one they didn't tell anybody about: studying psychic abilities. Sure, most science says they don't exist, but Aperture isn't most science!

Some more specific thoughts I had while bored at work:

- They built the Companion Cube as a test. Sentient, but unable to talk. Only someone with telepathic or empathic abilities would be aware that it was anything close to alive. So Rattman actually does hear it talking, and Chell's attachment to it is a result of weak or latent talents.

-The Different Turret is a precog uploaded into a turret body.

- It's pretty convenient how Fact mentions space and the moon and such. Fact Core could also be a precog, but is very much in denial, which is why he says space doesn't exist, etc.

- Caroline was a telepath, hence why she was Cave's choice to run the facility; her abilities would translate better into the connections and awareness needed as GLaDOS. This is also one of the control measures they attempted to use on GLaDOS. The Morality Core doesn't speak, but instead sends out very strong telepathic imperatives."


(Posted this in the wrong fill post at first, DERP! That is why you shouldn't do things late at night, your brain gets full of fuzzies and really confused.)

Different Turret/Defective Turret

Prompt:She was almost sent to the turret redemption line for being different.
He was almost sent to the incinerator for being broken.


Wheatley/Chell bad!fic

In the style of Half Life: Full Life Consequences

Kinks are dialogue only and fun with food.

GLaDOS & Companion Cube H/C Fluff

Request: After Chell has been gone for some time, GLaDOS starts feeling pretty lonely and misses her test subject.

The Companion Cube sings to her to make her feel better.

Wheatley+Space Core/Chell

Prompt: The lyrics are about a person who's always wanted to go to space, wishing they were back with someone on Earth. The ending sounds like they're crashing back to Earth. In a nutshell, this song is a mix of Wheatley and Space Core longing for Chell and I need fic. (Here)


Re: Wheatley+Space Core/Chell

*cries* :(


Prompt: GLaDOS is still pissed Chell's never talked to her.

So she's going to make her beg.



"I need Wheatley being used as a sexual aid while Chell and GLaDOS resolve their sexual tension. Bonus points for Chell riding Wheatley, and GLaDOS riding his face facing her.

Extra bonus points for Chell coming first, and Wheatley coming last (GLaDOS having to be silently nagged by Chell to get him off or she won't be allowed to orgasm)."

Fill (I think they practically wrote a mini fill?):

Defective Cores Go Through The Grieving Cycle



Wheatley stinks, so Chell decides she needs to bathe him.

Pocahontas Songfic


Wheatley take your metal hat and go back to your boat goddamn

Wheatly, gen, psychology of bullying

Prompt: Psychological kink is pun-tastically redundant.

I really want to see something that delves into Wheatley's evil tendencies. I need you, anon, to please explore the oppression Wheatley felt due to his fear of GLaDOS and his denial of being designed a moron. Then transition into the power shift between him and GLaDOS and his thrill at suddenly being in charge, with the ability to harm anyone he pleases. And oh, how satisfying hurting GLaDOS would be...!

You don't have to go as far as this, but I'd also love to see his downfall: how he has to deal with losing his power at his defeat by Chell, and the sudden shame of realizing he became that which had always hurt him. You can even change the canon enough to allow him to apologize for it if you want.


Evil!Wheatley/Chell. Violence.

prompt: "i remember reading in one fill that evil!wheatley got off to chell's voice by hurting her a bit

what if he hurt her more
what if he crushed her a bit or broke some of her bones or poked her eye or grinded her face across the wall or or

anything violent

Fact/Rick, Wheatley walking in on them (humanized)

"Probably in android form or human form for this writing, Wheatley notices the odd behavior with Rick and Facts towards each other and them sneaking off during the late hours of the night together. Filled with suspicion that they're up to something no good, he tails them one night and ends up walking in on them in the middle of a rather passionate love-making session. Sputtering and excuse-making ensues to explain why Wheatley sees the ladies man Rick with his dick in Facts (or vice-versa if writer is a fan of Fact's topping.)"


All The Evidence Points In One Direction

Frustrated Chell, Slightly out-of-his depth!Wheatley, and all that jazz.

Chell/Wheatley and Chell/GLaDOS also a little ATLAS and P-body on the side.

Prompt: Chell walking on tiptoe.

Delicious and Moist

Prompt: Post!Portal 2 or as an AU, human or android, Wheatley has come to find that he really, really likes eating out Chell.


In which Wheatley conducts an experiment. In the name of Science. Well, in the name of Sex. Sexy Science.

portal 2/professor layton crossover, gen.

Prompt: "A true gentleman leaves no puzzle unsolved."

Rattmann/Chell fluff

Prompt: I feel... terribly awkward asking for this, especially since there's a fill for Chell being Rattmann's adopted daughter but I still totally dig this pairing.

Anyone up to write some Rattmann/Chell? :D I love the little worship thing he has for her. Writeanon can do what they wish with it, but I'd love me a little fluff.

Bonus points if Wheatley's in there somehow, and he's jealous of Chell giving attention to Rattmann


Rick/Fact - Rick's POV

"So, after reading (and rereading, and rereading, and rereading...) I've noticed that Factventure fics generally are from Fact's perspective. Not that I mind that at all, but lately I've really been itching for a story from Rick's point of view.
What would his motivations be? Why on earth would he ever even consider getting involved with such an obnoxiously stuck-up know-it-all? Does he actually believe any of the things Fact says? What if he did? What if he was the more reluctant of the two? How would things go then?
...Wow, I'm sounding like Curiosity here.
Anyway, I'd like someone to write this. ;D"


Fact/Rick - fluff and H/C

Prompt: "I'd love to see some more Fact/Rick. I'm not particular at all, really; there's so little of it (although the fics that are up are fucking amazing) that I don't mind whatever the authornon feels like writing, including human AU or cores or fluff or smut."


Wheatley is WINNING

ala Charlie Sheen:


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